Teacher Profile




Daniel Chung


Instruments: Piano, Violin

Education:  Queens University (Bachelor), University of Toronto (Masters)

Style: Classical, Contemporary, RCM examination program

Language: English, Cantonese

Available Time: Thursday PM

Being a Toronto native, Daniel was classically trained in piano from the young age of 6 through the Royal Conservatory of Music program. At the age of 10, he was also introduced to the violin at school. An instrument he would play for the next 8 years as part of an orchestra performing both locally and internationally in countries such as USA, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and Austria. As a pianist, he has performed over the years in numerous venues from recitals and concerts to Kiwanis festivals and long-term senior residences.

After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Masters degree, Daniel decided to further explore opportunities in the performing arts and studied improvisation for a year at Second City. Simultaneously, he took to the stage and screen as an actor showcasing his talents in independent films, plays, commercials, and more. Daniel also has extensive experience as an instructor having worked with a wide range of ages from children all the way to adults. Through positive reinforcement, he guides every student towards reaching their full potential while building up their self confidence in the process. His teaching philosophy is getting the student to enjoy what they are learning and to have fun in the classroom.






Ava Liu


Piano, Vocal

Education: Bachelor of Arts (Ryerson University)

Style: Classical Piano, Contemporary Piano, R&B Vocal, Pop Vocal, RCM examination program

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Available Time: Tuesday PM, Thursday PM


Ava has been studying the piano since the age of 7 and has been active in the Greater Toronto Chinese community as a performer and singer since the age of 16. During these years, she sang, and guest performed over hundreds shows, including Chinese new year countdown events, piano competitions and singing contests. She was featured as the lead vocalist in the Toronto based film “Promise” soundtrack. As a teacher, Ava has over 6 years in teaching experience to students aged 4 and above. Her lessons implement both the piano and voice techniques to educate her students and how both instruments can be used with one another. Her experience also allows her to train students to develop performance skills and on stage techniques. 






Ivan Yeung

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.29.01 PM


Instruments: Piano, Advanced Rudiments, Harmony, History

Education: Bachelor of Music: Piano Performance (University of Toronto), Master of Music: Piano Pedagogy (University of Toronto)

Style: Classical Piano, Contemporary Piano, RCM examination program

Language: English, Cantonese

Available Time: Friday PM, Sunday PM


Ivan was introduced to the piano at the age of 4 but did not find his passion for music until 11 years old. Since then, Ivan has advanced through the RCM Grades at a fast pace, competed and won numerous competitions. He has placed first in music competitions and festivals such as the Scarborough Music Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival, Toronto Music Competition, Richmond Hill Music Festival, and Yip’s Music Festival. He has also placed 3rd in the 2007 Canadian Music Competition for the category of 14 years and under, and also placed 4th in the 2009 Canadian Music Competition for the category of 18 years and under. During the year of 2008, he was fortunate enough to be invited to the Vienna School of the Performing Arts where he performed a solo recital. In 2009 and 2010, Ivan was invited to the Officials Gathering at the Heintzman House as a solo pianist, performing in front of many important officials of the town such as the Mayor of Markham, Frank Scarpitti. Ivan currently holds a Bachelor of Piano Performance degree and Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy both from the University of Toronto. In his spare time, Ivan enjoys reading books and playing sports such as table tennis and badminton.






Yukwei Chan


Instruments: Piano, Advanced Rudiments

Education: Bachelor of Music Therapy (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Style: Classical Piano, Contemporary Piano, RCM examination program

Language: English, Cantonese

Available Time: Wednesday PM, Friday PM

Yu Kwei first encountered her musical interest at the age of 2, when sitting in front of the keyboard playing familiar melodies by ear.  She soon began piano lessons, competing in various competitions and completing her Level 10 RCM certification. Continuing her love for music, Yu Kwei was completed the Music Therapy program at Wilfrid Laurier University in hopes to help others through music, while obtaining tutelage of classical piano at a university level. Her patience, understanding, and commitment to the success of her students allow her to gage student needs, adapting lessons to make learning an enjoyable experience.












Ellier Leng


Instruments: Piano, Flute

Education: Master of Teaching (University of Toronto)

Style: Classical Piano, Classical/Concert Flute

Language: English, Mandarin

Available Time: Monday PM, Tuesday PM, Saturday AM/PM

Ellier began her musical journey at the age of 4 when her parents placed her into piano lessons. She completed her Level 10 RCM certification in 2008 and taught piano lessons from home. For more than half her life, Ellier has been playing piano and keyboard in church while continuously developing her passion for music as she picked up new instruments along the way. At the age of 10, Ellier began playing the flute in her elementary school band and was granted the music award at graduation. Throughout secondary school, she continued being an integral member of the concert band as principal flutist and piccolo player. She had the chance to perform various concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria and received another music award in those years. Ellier loves working with children and youths and has had a multitude of experience working with those age demographics in many different settings.



Eileen Shan Zou



Instruments: Piano, Vocal

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Music/Psychology

Style: Contemporary, RCM examination program Level 1 – 5, Jazz Vocal

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Available Time: Saturday AM/PM, Sunday AM, Weekdays after 6 PM

Born in Foshan, China, Eileen started to learn piano and singing since age of 6. She started singing in a local children Choir and the choir was entitled the first place in 2004 in an international choir competition named World Choir Game. She studied Jazz Theory and vocal in York University and entered several local singing competitions and achieved great success and fame in the GTA. Since 2011, she has been freelance performer as an keyboardist, vocalist, and chorus for over hundreds of shows in and around the GTA.








Nathan Chia



Instruments: Violin, Advanced Rudiments, Harmony

Eucation: Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance (University of Toronto), Bachelor of Music: Violin Performance and Pedagogy (Jacobs School of Music – Indiana University)

Style: Classical, Folk, RCM examination program

Language: English

Available Time: Sunday PM

Born in Markham, Ontario, Nathan began playing the Violin at the age of 5 and achieved the RCM Grade 10 examination First Class Honours with Distinction at the age of 12. It was during this time Nathan competed and achieved fabulous results in music festivals all around Canada for Violin performance such as: First place in Violin Performance in Kiwanis 2003, 2004; and the second place in the 2003 CMC Canadian Music Competition.

Upon Graduation from Univonville High School in 2007, Nathan attended the University of Toronto Bachelor of Violin Performance program with a full scholarship. Within a year, he was admitted to the prestige Jacobs School of Music from the University of Indiana, one of the top 10 music schools in the world.

Nathan currently resides in Markham, Ontario where he spends the majority of his time teaching, composing, and performing,




Clarence Cheng



Instruments: Violin, Advanced Rudiments

Eucation: ARCT Violin Performance, Bachelor of Music: Jazz Violin, Violin Performance (Humber College of Music)

Style: Classical, Folk, RCM Examination Program

Language: English, Mandarin

Available Time: Thursday PM, Sunday AM

Since the early age of 4, Clarence was attracted to the sound and tone that the violin produces and requested his parents to purchase a violin for him. The was the beginning of his long lasting relationship with the violin till today, he is actively learning and performing at a very high level. Since completing his ARCT in Violin performance at the age of 16, Clarence went on to study at the Humber College of Music, majoring in jazz violin and violin performance. His teaching experiences dates all the way back to his high school years where he was a TA (teaching assistant) at JVL’s summer camp for violin performance. To this day, Clarence has over 7 years of teaching experiences of kids aged 5 and up and he continues to share his knowledge and passion for the violin throughout his community.





Lavien Lee

Instruments: Drum

Eucation: Bachelor of Arts: Jazz Performance  (York University)

Style: Rock, Pop, Metal, Funk, RCM Accredited

Language: English, Cantonese

Available Time: Saturday AM/PM

Teaching music since 2009, Lavien has been a wonderful addition to our team with his infectious positive attitude and energetic approach.Lavien is a young and dynamic teacher whose students enjoy various styles of musical studies ranging from Rock, Jazz, Latin, funk and popular styles. An accomplished musician, Lavien can always be found performing regularly across Toronto in rock bands, jazz ensembles and more. He has also toured extensively across Canada and the United Sates. Not only a graduate with honours from York University in Jazz Performance specializing in drum kit and percussions, Lavien also teaches guitar, singing and music theory. As a multi-instrumentalist Lavien brings valuable experience and love of music to his students presenting a well rounded, upbeat and positive spin to his lessons. Whatever your age or experience, Lavien can help you achieve your musical goals, through a variety of techniques, personalized to each student. All levels welcome!





Bobby Ho



Instruments: Drum, Chinese Drum

Education: Bachelor of Music: Drum Performance (University of Toronto)

Style: Rock, Pop, South American, Jazz, Funk, Metal

Language: English

Available Time: Monday PM, Saturday PM, Sunday PM


With 13 years of drumming experience, and 7 years of teaching experience, Bobby has taught over 70 students in both drum kit and Chinese drums. After receiving a solid rhythmic and musical foundation from his teachers (Beau Stocker, Adam Hayes, and Arnold Faber), he has become a versatile drummer, capable of playing numerous styles, including Rock, Pop, South American, Jazz, Funk, and even various subgenres of Heavy Metal music. As a teacher, Bobby is known for creating lessons individualized lessons, tailored to students’ specific needs. As a performer, Bobby is actively participating in performances around the GTA, of which he is the lead drummer and composer for the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO).

Performance Videos Please Click Here






Stephen Yan



Instruments: Acoustic Guitar

Education: Bachelor of Music: Guitar Performance, Composition (Humber College of Music)

Style: Finger-style, Pop, R&B, Accompaniment

Language: English, Mandarin

Available Time: Wednesday PM, Saturday AM, Sunday AM

Stephen began learning the piano at the age of 10 and reached level 9 in piano performance in just 3 short years. It was then he began having the interest for the acoustic guitar. His fascination of how a single portable instrument can replicate the sound of an entire band is what gave him the dedication to pursuit the guitar. During his years in junior high and high school, he spent most of his days perfecting his craft on the instrument and eventually being accepted to the Humber College of Music majoring in guitar performance and composition. Stephen is proficient in the finger-style technique specifically those similar to famous performers such as: Tommy Emmanuel and Kotaro Oshio. As a teacher, Stephen structure his lessons to teach his students the fundamentals of playing the acoustic guitar, as well as the ability of “turning the guitar into a one man band”.




Daniel Wu



Instruments: Acoustic Guitar

Education: University of Waterloo

Style: Finger-style, Pop, R&B, Accompaniment

Language: English, Mandarin

Available Time: Sunday AM


Daniel graduated from University of Waterloo in 2012 and received his RCM certificate since the age of 18. He studied extensively in the field of 21st-century acoustic guitar music. He has since written, arranged, and produced many songs and pieces in a variety of styles for his ever-growing diverse clientele. Daniel has over eight years of guitar teaching experience with students ranging from the ages  6 to 65. He longs to share his enjoyment and passion of music to our students. He is also an active performer with many national television appearances on broadcast programs including new year festival show for the University of Waterloo, New Talent Singing Awards, and the annual Markham New Year’s countdown.







Christopher Cerpnjak


Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Advanced Rudiments

Education: York University

Style:Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Pop

Language: English

Available Time: Thursday PM, Sunday AM/PM

Born in Mississauga, Ontario, Christopher began playing guitar at the age of fourteen, completing the RCM examinations in Guitar while in high school. While studying at York University for guitar performance and music composition, he has studied jazz, folk and contemporary improvisation styles, under Lorne Lofsky, Brian Katz, and Casey Sokol. Christopher is a winner of the 2016 York University Music Department Original Chamber Piece competition for his ‘Nocturne for Cello and Guitar’, as well as a winner of the 2016 IMASCO Performing Arts Award for his score for the York Theatre Department’s production of The Birds. He performs in the local rock bands Silus, Grant Ulysses, and Suelo, as well as in the Zonoozi-Cerpnjak cello and guitar duet. Christopher is an active teacher with 5 years of experience teaching guitar and music theory, and currently maintains a full schedule of students through several studios across the GTA.







Oscar Tan


Instruments: Voice

Education: York University

Style: Classical, Jazz, Contemporary, Pop, R&B

Language: English, Cantonese

Available Time: Monday PM, Thursday PM

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Oscar is a man of many musical talents. He started his musical journey at the age of 7, performing as a contemporary opera singer, later exploring different genres such as R&B, Soul, Singer-Songwriter, and many other genres. Currently attending Music at York University for the Jazz Voice Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with Specialized Honours. Oscar holds a strong commitment, determination and passion for his students and his music. As a naturally gifted performer and positive teacher, he continues to be humble, skilled, and technically in all of his works, performances, voice, and teachings.